China hand travel worth nearly a million genuine surrounding robbed wait

In this hot summer, no matter who you are, if you are fond of game players, we can come to participate in the Shanghai New International Expo Center 2015 ChinaJoy, to China hand travel booth participation “Wyatt unbounded” carnival game experience, collect seal win Take massive gifts around. By then, including the well-known works, including more than genuine game of the same name, as well as China’s other hand travel several new games, will jointly organize gaming activities, “Wyatt unbounded” carnival area, a million copies of the game to the field challenge gift-ho gamers nearly a million genuine games around will be here to meet with the future owner.

Picture 1 China hand travel booth
It is said that happiness is unbounded, and the game as a way to experience the strongest sense of entertainment, it brings the joy of the players is incomparable. This year China tour generous hand to create “Wyatt unbounded” carnival, the game show a real return of players through the game challenges the player carefully set up projects from online gaming experience, the introduction to the line carnival games challenges, but sent the game tasks through the line game gifts around the full realization of the next player online and offline unbounded entertainment experience, “Wyatt unbounded,” the real-life experience.

Picture 2 feel “pleasure unbounded,” the real-life experience
It is reported that all the players during the ChinaJoy booth tour to China hand, can receive tasks through on-site invitations to participate in the “pleasure unbounded” area of ​​the game Carnival challenge. Players can “Shaolin Demon recorded” Stand by “practice little challenge” game experience Plum Shaolin monks lift bucket, search Shaolin cheats and other exciting projects, feel genuine Shaolin pure IP culture. In “Naruto – Ninja Master” booth, players can personally test ninja darts, can also be used to drive a large windmill fan special ninja. In addition, “prison Departed” hats stand collar, traditional Chinese handwriting, a text of a force of two projects, the overall strength of test players.

On the “Hello Kitty happy consumer” booth, players can also be established within the stipulated time to throw in the ring to win the set on the card task challenge.

Photo 3 Star Wars: Commander
In “Star Wars: Commander” game, players can choose the Imperial Army or the Resistance, “live ammunition” in the shooting, the experience of Star Wars to the war.

Picture 4 KOF 97 HD Battle Edition
Light practice marksmanship was not enough, sometimes the key issue is to rely on “fist” resolved. China hand travel “Wyatt unbounded” carnival, “The King of Fighters 97 HD Battle Edition” were set up, “a council will be played” and “The King of Fighters tumbler” two game projects and computer gamers are able to lower a high role in the game You can also hand punches hit the hollow cylinder, test the strength and accuracy of players punches.

Picture 5 “Wyatt unbounded” carnival scene Game Challenge and a total of 14 markers
In China hand travel “Wyatt unbounded” carnival scene Game Challenge and a total of 14 markers, players receive entry through the carnival, “set chapter map” approach, what you want to participate in the Raiders game view corresponding projects seal is available after a successful challenge According obtain total seal can receive the corresponding prize in the carnival scene China hand travel lodge.

Picture 6 massive beautiful surrounding
The Chinese mobile games by Hasbro genuine IP licensing partnership, the scene will bring massive “Star Wars” beautiful surrounding, will make all the scene of Star Wars fans a rewarding experience! In addition, the “Star Wars” hats, mugs, car charger and practical surrounding these alternative will also be distributed as prizes at the scene.

“Hello Kitty” genuine game site preparation are dozens of beautiful surrounding, both for the girls to a variety of pink suitcase Lolita girls of different ages such as the use, but also fashion hit the color package, there are a variety of different styles and Kitty cartoon image of glass, and includes 12 themes, including 20 kinds of constellations constellation dolls and dolls. Let the players definitely like being in the scene Hello Kitty store in!

Picture 7 exclusive games exquisite folding handle
The world’s first East wind 3D ARPG Dark hand tour “seamless prison” will also be sent valuable limited edition fine folding fan. In addition, “Shaolin Demon recorded” also prepared a dedicated game controller as a prize, the player feel more extreme game control. It is reported that, as a platform to run on the phone’s 3D martial arts action game, “Shaolin Demon recorded” by building a claustrophobic time for players to experience the martial arts Holy Land. Shaolin Temple of lighting effects, elegant sounds linger Zen music, combined with the story line of Shaolin ebb and flow freely operating experience, allowing the player to feel the Shaolin martial arts and Zen deeply profound culture.

In gaming site link, “knife Tacitus Tour” will also visit China’s new masterpiece hand identity debut. As the first true MOBA 5V5 hand tour, “knife Tacitus Tour” core gameplay will carry forward the battle to push the tower to the extreme, with 3V3,5V5 two game modes. At the same time, “Tacitus knife Tour” touch-screen and joystick dual operating mode also allows players more freedom to control the movement of the hero.

It is reported that China hand travel mystery surrounding mascot will also be in the vicinity of which a large delivery list, in the end what is it? Let us look forward to China hand travel “Wyatt unbounded” Carnival announced when opening it!