Chelsea: 'Palpable discord' between Jose & players

Chelsea technical director Michael Emenalo says ;a palpable discord between manager and players; was behind the departure of Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho parted ways with the Blues on Thursday just seven months after winning the Premier League title, with Chelsea one point above the relegation zone after 16 (come to fifa 16 crédits) matches.

The Portuguese has endured a controversial (come to fifa coins) and troubled season, and Chelsea chief Emenalo has opened up on the reasons behind his exit.

;Whilst there is huge sentiment for the individual who has done so much for the club, the fact of the matter remains that Chelsea Football Club are in trouble,; he told Chelsea TV.

;It was decision taken to protect the interests of the club.

;The results are not good and there obviously seemed to (come to fifa 16 crédits) be a palpable discord between manager and players and we feel it was time to act.

;The owner was forced to make a very tough decision which is for the good of the club.;One of the biggest clubs in the world is one point above relegation in the Premier League and that;s not good enough.

;Any fans, even those who do not have any affiliation with the club, can understand that this club is in trouble and something needed to be done.;