Chandler Parsons right knee meniscus tear

Mavericks forward Chandler – Parsons was diagnosed with a torn meniscus in his right knee, he has accepted the knee arthroscopic surgery, which could make him the season. In addition, according to the Associated Press news shows, Parsons does underwent surgery, but he may be back this season).

According to sources, Parsons will be subject to a review before the surgery, in order to confirm the level of detail and specific rehabilitation period after the injury. This will be the second consecutive season because of Parsons right knee injury caused by surgery season reimbursed. However, sources said Parsons this than he suffered a torn meniscus cartilage in the knee injury last year to light.

Parsons originally discovered from calf injury on Saturday and Warriors in the game, that game, in the third leg Parsons reason, when the team is given his right leg hamstring soreness. However, on Monday, after a MRI examination confirmed that Parsons right leg hamstring pain is derived from his knee meniscus tear.

Mavericks team doctor for the injury diagnosis Parsons meniscal tear and the need for surgery, but before surgery, Parsons will go to Los Angeles looking for famous sports rehabilitation specialist Neil – Al Trek review, the expert rehabilitation has given a number of famous athletes of meniscal injuries provided the diagnosis and recommendations.

First half of the season, Parsons has been in a state of rest the right knee injury and played very struggle until the last two months, Pa Shuai state gradually pick up, the last two months, he averaged 18.9 points and 5.9 rebounds and 3.2 assists, averaging shooting rate reached 51.9 percent, the third hit rate 47.7%. Their status and performance has improved just suffered injuries hit again, this is somewhat cruel to Parsons. According to sources in the know again after his injury, Parsons mood is very low, because before this, he had very much like to help the Mavericks playoffs.

Currently, the Mavericks to 35 wins and 35 losses record behind in eighth in the West, they are the same record with the Rockets, Jazz and ninth behind only a gap distance between them wins. Pa Shuai reimbursement will no doubt make the playoffs prospects Mavericks again cast a shadow.

In addition, after the news, Parsons will be selected this summer before he jumped out 3-year, $ 46 million contract last year to seek a larger contract, although he again reimbursement injury suffered last season, but now there is news We believe that Parsons will still be out of contract in the summer, choose to get more salary. However, the message from the current point of view, the Mavericks still Parsons compete leader.