Carrefour six straight comeback Nanzu Knight said the recovery has been to improve their

WASHINGTON (intern reporter Li Ruyi) in an NBA preseason game in Beijing yesterday morning conducted by the Cleveland Cavaliers with 81 to 87 loss to the Toronto Raptors, brutal six-game losing streak. In the playoffs last season injured
nba 2k16 mt points Cavaliers star Kevin Love comeback after a lapse of four months after the debut, contributed 6 points and 4 rebounds. The game against Eastern teams of both sides, the Raptors last season, 49 wins and 33 losses, ranked fourth east, and while it was the Cavaliers last season Eastern Conference champions.

This time the fight, the Raptors to make removal of the main, and the Cavs headed star LeBron James will continue to miss. The two sides a draw in the first three quarters, but the Cavaliers hit rate plummeted fourth quarter, the Raptors took the opportunity to hit the climax of a wave of 13 to 0, in one fell swoop. After this defeat, the Cavaliers 6 preseason
NBA 2K16 My Team Points games without a win. Although the preseason, but six straight for the defending Eastern Conference champions for somewhat justified. Who does not really affect the whole play the Cavaliers. Team leader James played in only two games, point guard Kyrie Irving is still in the stage sidelined, while inside the pillars Kristen Thompson into a contract impasse with the team, temporarily unable appearance.

However, the game Kevin Love’s return to Cleveland is good news. Love played 13 minutes, scored six points and four rebounds. Game, Carrefour also steals Kovalam Nasdaq repair, and then pass from Mo Williams, assists the latter hit 3-pointers. After the game, Carrefour said, ‘I have been in recovery to improve their first game back after feeling pretty good.’ The first round of the playoffs last season, Carrefour and Celtic striker Olivier when Nick competition shoulder injuries, leading to the season, which also affected the Cavaliers to play the playoffs.