Canadians welcome the first 5-game winning streak to start the season 4-1 Blackhawks capital.txt.published

Montreal Canadiens 3-0 New York Rangers

The game is also the first Canadian team at home this season, race, race to the middle section II, Fleischmann in front of a neat break the deadlock two minutes left in the third quarter, Weiss but also to help the home team
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Washington Capitals 4-1 Chicago Blackhawks

Less than half of the first section of the game, Capitals Osh to use the opportunity of the other minor penalty scored the first goal to join the team after the start of the second quarter soon, Carlson
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Pittsburgh Penguins 2-0 Ottawa Senators

Previously without victory of the Penguins finally found the feeling, the second period began only 23 seconds on the fast break counterattack Malkin broke the deadlock two minutes later, Si Pulong has reached his career first goal to help penguins lead 2-0, after which the two sides no goals, penguins to 2-0 achieved the first victory of the season, goalkeeper Fleury resolve all of the other 21 shots, becoming the hero to win.Buy
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