C Ronaldo Messi will win the Golden Globe, he and I respect each other

Home the Golden Globe this year has been a hot topic, a lot of football people have made their own predictions. And just recently, the award of a popular candidate
www.mutcoin.com C Luo also gives his predictions. He believes that Messi has won the Champions League and La Liga champions, so the Argentines will become this year’s Golden Globe
mut coins winner. ‘Such awards by voting to produce results, Macy can always winning, because he won the Champions League and La Liga champions.’ C Luo said in an ITV interview.

Just in terms of individual performance last season was probably my best season of his career, I was the highest scoring player in Europe.’ ‘Over the past eight years, we were divided up the award of FIFA’s past This has never been done before, only two of us, so it feels great. I have a good relationship with him, we are not the kind of old, but we respect each other. ‘At the same time, C Luo obtained for himself again in the future This award is full of confidence.

He also expressed the expectation that they can continue to maintain this leading status in many many years. ‘I’m still young, so I think I can win a Golden Globe again.’ C Lo continued. ‘I want to play another 6-7 years, but I think I still have the ability to win collective honor, because if you can not win collective honor, personal honor is non-existent.’ (Send)