Broncos trade for Eagles quarterback Sanchez

Broncos traded for a name is
mut coins sell not Colin – Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) quarterback. Broncos on Friday sent a conditional 2017 draft pick to get seven Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark – Sanchez (Mark Sanchez). Only in the array sophomore quarterback Trevor – the case of Xi Mian (Trevor Siemian), and Sanchez brings experience to the Broncos, he had 72 regular-season games and six playoff games starting debut. He was the starting quarterback did not answer, but he is also relevant when the Philadelphia Eagles flash performance.

Sanchez 2016 base salary of $ 4.5 million, of which $ 1
NFL 16 Coins million in guaranteed income. Thursday when the Eagles held a press conference sounds he has no future at the Eagles. Remember, this does not prevent the Broncos continue to chase Capet Nick. It is reported that the Mustang is still trying to complete the transaction before the dust settles. And if Capet Nick is not the answer, we can look forward to steering the Broncos like Ryan – Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and even Brian – Heuer (Brian Hoyer) such as quarterback. If you play well, Sanchez might have a lot of playing time next season, but we still doubt the Broncos traded for Sanchez in just to have a trading Capet Nick Tim head.