British media Manchester United want to poach Robben from Bayern Robben hit the main commitment

United dug addiction Bayern this summer Schweinsteiger successfully brought to Old Trafford, then it is willing to Muller took one hundred million transfer fee. Now the Red Devils turned the spearhead another core Bayern Robben. Peter Pan in injury finally back
fifa 17 coins after two months, not only in the club has a good performance, but also in the Netherlands in a friendly against Wales on Saturday scored twice to help the Oranje 3 to 2 victory over opponents.

Bayern Levante has made clear that he is willing and Douglas – Costa and comin to play with, because Robben style too independent. For Poles remarks, Robben does not yet respond. Van Gaal to find winger heart die, reds dig Robben meaning
fut 17 coins without a break. Manchester United wants to introduce a super-fast winger in January. And Robben has for Eindhoven, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern effect, he was absolutely first-class winger, just to meet the needs of Van Gaal. And both have previously worked at Bayern and the Dutch national team, the relationship is very much better.

To the next year in January Robben will be 32 years old, but the Dutch believe they still can play another three years to maintain top-level status. Robben hope to be able to participate in the 2018 World Cup in order to end his international career, which also give the United poaching provide more hope, because Robben can become Manchester United’s absolute main. Robben told Bayern have made it clear that he wanted to become the main force, unwilling to Costa and Coleman as his running mate. For Levante criticism, Guardiola said he could do nothing, because Robben older, less likely to change their style of play. Manchester United do not know this action is routinely raise prices, determined to win or to sell. (Heater)