Borisov coach Barcelona gave us a masterful lesson After the 0-2 home defeat to Barcelona

Borisov coach Hyères Markovic said that red
fifa 16 coins and blue army to his team on the ‘master class football together.’ Croatia midfielder Rakitic rely on two goals in the second half, Barcelona in the Champions League group stage this morning the end of the third round of competition, which Borisov 2-0 away win.

After the game, coach Borisov, 40, Hyères Markovic for the away team’s performance much appreciated. ‘Our first half performance was not good enough, we have done a poor job in transition, the’ Yale Markovic said. ‘This is the game that disappointed me the most.’ Barca gave us a master of a football lesson. They showed us how to attack and how to respond after the ball. We should learn a lot, very much.

Borisov every player in his debut at
fifa coins ps the moment have felt the responsibility on the shoulders, but it is clear, from the outset, no Barcelona despise us. They prepare for our counter-attack very well, they know how to stop us. ‘After the current round of competition, Borisov temporarily ranked third in Group E, four points behind Barcelona top the group, one point behind Leverkusen.