Blanco real history and profound ability to beat them

Champions League a focus on war, at home against Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Paris coach Blanco attended the pre-match press conference. Team Status: state we are good team players, Real Madrid’s injury is very large, when we last week is similar with Real Madrid now, but we have a lot of wounded were a return from injury. All the players want to play, I will decide those states 100 percent of the players, in addition to injured David Lewis, I think all the other players are ready.

Rivals Real Madrid: everyone understands the game of our team philosophy, we always like the ball in the opponent’s half, to make it difficult for the opponent. For me, the defense of Real Madrid new season very well, they are only two goals so far this season, so this is the philosophy of the two matches against Real Madrid prefer to do their own defense in the game, and then
fifa coins xbox wait for an opportunity to fight back, often total is that they have to score in the opponent when they advanced the ball, if they let us occupy the ball field, we are willing to do so, we must guard against their counterattack.

Match properties: last season,
ut coin traders against Barcelona when we contributed a very good game, but we did not qualify, European giants Real Madrid, you just look at them and honor to know their heritage. This game will not be decisive, but in order to top the group qualify for is very important. Two teams: two teams of players comparable, but the record of Real Madrid in the Champions League is very good, but we can win tomorrow, we have the ability and power, but is our home game, in the past few seasons, We have already demonstrated their ability to be able to follow the strongest team in Europe a showdown, we must prepare for war with the will to win the game, but also to respect the opponent.