Bear kids hand-filled diamond spent 15,000 deleted SMS

Fuel costs and other expenses are deducted, a taxi driver about earned 140~150 yuana day, driving for not less than 10 hours a day, to pay 15,000 work equivalent to morethan 1000 hours.


But the driver never would have expected, home to bear children in 11 days, andspent a total of about 22 hours, 1000 hours of his frittered awaythe original son isplaying a mobile game, and binds the PayPal account to buy game currencydiamonds, little 6, 998 Yuan.


I asked him, and said he thinks it‘s just the game. Driver dad watching a rivulet ofconsumer records, tears. He should think things through the newspapers he sharedwith more parents, also want to ask such a thing happens, game companies have anyresponsibility.


Yesterday, he asked the reporter.


SMS shows 15,000 no nightbrother thought banks got it wrong


Driver Huang, his son Xiao Huang, are all people of Fuyang. Old Huang Kai rentals,yellow 10 years younger.


Children like summer reading book, not because the cicadas in the trees, fish and shrimp in the water, but because of the summer will have summer vacation. Yellowtwo months intended to enjoy ourselves, after all, not long after going to gradehomework.


But yellow does not seem to be too happy, because parents always restrict him: nowater, no climbing, or even to watch television. Thus, yellow is always clamoring tosee her grandmother.


Small yellow things that do not get special attention from the old yellow. Old Yeller isa night-shift taxi drivers, one night tired PAWO, not to mention raising a son, and his son talk, he hasn’t enough time sleeping.


In General, he always sleep at 8 in the morning, when he used his cell phone to bedon the edge of the pillow: long is strongly disapproved of some use of a mobile phone, other phone is smart, installing various software used to drum up business.Relatively speaking, old mobile phones are more important, because the numbersbindings all kinds of bank cards.


On July 12, the old yellow into your bank card into a sum of money. SMS sent very quickly: in x, x balance. Hey, what‘s going on? Deposit number is right, but thebalance, the balance seemed a lot less. He asked hurriedly and a phone call to theBank staff confirmed this was the case for him. No, last month looked at the balance,less 10,005!


Bear boy started crying: Daddy, I played


Wife secretly take? Forget? Also by confidence tricksters have gone to? Old yellow inthe hot weather is cold sweat, panting.


You carry money? I said why not? Where to go? The bad attitude of the old yellow,complexion asked his wife. Wife very aggrieved: no, no, when I collect my money?The card does not have you invested in?


Huang took his wife‘s hand to run to the Bank, and they thought it might be whichcrooks get money or which people without heart and lung were fraudulent, they needto go to the Bank immediately. Bank staff are off work, so they follow the instructionscustomer service self-help oral loss reporting is handled on.


Said earlier, the old taxi Huang Kai, fuel costs and other expenses are deducted, a taxidriver about earned 140~150 yuan a day, driving for not less than 10 hours a day, put15,000 not to eat more than 1000 hours.


Where does this money go? Is it PayPal? After the couple calmed down, put doubtsinto PayPal on this software. Taxi software now rise, many passengers through PayPalor micro purse Huang transferred fare. So he bought a smart phone, bank card, PayPaland bound together, also opened a quick payment functions. On PayPal everyconsumption, are recorded, each consumer will be in the form of text messages sentto old mobile phones.


Open the PayPal page, the couple was dumbfounded, Bill showed more than 10consecutive days from July 1 to July 11, PayPal has a lot of spending every day, thehighest consumption was 998 Yuan, at least 6 Yuan. Old yellow at this time to knowthat his PayPal account less a total of 15820 Yuan.


Three people in my family! Only son, Huang. Daddy, is that I was playing out. Facethe questioning of old yellow, yellow to cry, he admitted that he took the money.


Bear kids hand recharge cost 15,000 SMS recharge bear kids hand spent 15,000deleted SMS
Son bought game currency by deleting after the bank balance change reminder SMS


How do yellow complete online payment? And cell phones bound, yellow how tobypass the SMS alert that hurdle? 10,005 spent where? Xiao Huang told me to explainhis crime afterthe original was restricted freedom the yellow was so boring, whilehe was sleeping in the old yellow sneak out to play mobile games, to pay for thegame, he took his father‘s PayPal. Father pays the valuable account is his cell phonenumber, and password is the QQ password, these little yellow knowsbecause every time the old yellow any cell phone problem, he wants to help people are yellow!


A cash access, consumption figures did not make people feel. In this way, Xiao Huangpaid dozens of times in a row. I don’t know, that paid out is fake, is play money. XiaoHuang said, but he knew this might be bad every time I played the game, cost afterthe games, he would sneak over to the bed, pillow, was father of another phone to:remove Bank balance change reminder messages.


Old Yeller was little Huang Meng drum.


15,000 bought diamond and the diamond can no longer physically upgrade


PayPal clearly showed revenue was cool. PayPal customer service alsorecommended that old yellow to look cool. Youku customer service confirmed thatindeed spent 15,000 yuan in the game, small yellow played two games: a nationalshootout, another Brawl westward, and said: most of the fees were used to purchasediamonds, strength, equipment.


People shooting, for example, virtual lead can be upgraded, hand-held weapons andcan also upgrade each play takes about 6 something, if donated 30 something runs out, you need to use diamonds to buy diamonds runs out you will need to rechargeto purchase: top 6 will get 30 diamonds, 10 of diamonds can be purchased 60something. Lead itself and the weapon itself can also be upgraded to enhance combat capability, and also with diamonds.


A case study of a minimum level of AK47, paid 1350 diamond, if you want to increasebullet velocity, reducing barrel heat, improve penetration, it takes a lot of diamondsrose from 1 star AK47 to the April level, you may need to seventy thousand or eighty thousand diamonds, equivalent to more than 10,000 yuan.


Little yellow thing can only be dealt with by the old yellow. But YouTube does not giveany face. YouTube customer service says prepaid success cannot be refunded.Youku was money and phone contact, the other replies: everything is normal, and will not be refunded.


If the father can prove that the game is a son‘s lawyers think they can refund


Really can’t get a refund? Zhejiang flying Wang Hongfei law outlined his views from alegal perspective: under the age of 16 are limited in capacity, if it results in another person‘s loss, his guardian shall bear civil liability.


Yellow is only 10 years old, is not closely related to known game gold and realmoney. Wang‘s lawyer said person with limited civil capacity can only be carried outwith his age, intelligence and other corresponding civil activities, such adaptationgenerally refers to the necessities.


Game obviously does not belong to the necessities of life, so I do not belong to the commensurate with the age, intelligence and other civil activities , the formation ofthe contract belong to the efficiency of pending contract. This contract only if thelegal representative (guardian) effective after ratification. Wang‘s lawyer, if old yellowcan prove that this game is really done by the little yellow, YouTube is a must for arefund, refund, can the two sides by negotiation.