Battle of the curtain call! Raul scored his first 23 crown officially retire

In the finals of the North American professional league, the legendary former Real Madrid striker Raul scored the team assists Celeste Reno’s third ball, which has thus completed a hat-trick in the game. New York Cosmos 3-2 final victory over the Ottawa Avengers, won the 2015 North American professional league championship. The Lord of the Rings Raul is also the seat of his career with 23 championship left their devoted 21 years time the green arena. In the finals, the former Boca Juniors striker completed a hat-trick in the Celeste Reno, is undoubtedly the number one contributor to the team win.

And he scored the third goal it is sent by the Raúl, when the race to 85 minutes, Raul sent the left side of midfield for the Celeste Reno inclined Sierra Leone, to help strike partner to complete the hat-trick. This season, a total of representatives of the New York Cosmos Raul played 31 times, scoring nine goals, including eight league goals. After the game, the now 38-year-old Raul in the same campaign retired former Spanish international team-mate Ayrton Senna was high toss, and together with his teammates won the championship trophy. Raul legendary career, he has played for Real Madrid, Schalke 04, Al Sadd and the New York Cosmos and other teams.

He won a total of 23 titles, including the six La Liga
fifa 16 coins titles, three Champions League titles, four Spanish Super Cups, 2 Toyota Cup, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Super Cup champion Germany, 1st German Cup titles, 1 Qatar Stars League titles, 1 Qatar Emirates Cup, 1st North American professional league spring league titles, 1 North American professional league regular-season championship and the 1st North American professional league championship.