Back first state well Shumpert scored 14 points

Magic Knight away,
nba 2k16 mt the Cavaliers played well overall, the Magic will only resist a surrender, but the field comeback knight guard Iman – Shumpert very eye-catching performance, he played 25 minutes, 5 of 7 shooting, Trey 3, 2, scored 14 points and 3 rebounds, no mistakes, but on the defensive end successfully freeze Oladipo, to help the team win over rivals.

Today JR- Smith sidelined due to illness, Shumpert’s return called promptly. The first section of 6 minutes 05 seconds he replaced Cunningham, just play him on the adoption of a positive running attack made free throws to win the first points, but more action is reflected in the first half, the defensive end, he bit Oladipo recent state very well, but Shumpert rely on their own strong defensive success freeze the other side, he has cut Oladipo ball, disrupting his offensive rhythm, especially in the magic of time fast break, he quickly cut back on defense Oladipo’s layup also caused him to miss, fully reflects his defensive skill, followed by the Knights of possessions, he also hit a layup face Oladipo first warfare goals. During his defense, Oladipo only by a jumper to get 2 points, also appeared in four turnovers.

Knight first three quarters leading up to 30 points, the fourth quarter completely into garbage time, the coach also intends to make more room and state Shumpert, he also delivered first break layup, followed
website by one-third Biao, also labeled 2 + 1, excellent condition completely unlike the long war wounded.

Shumpert with the return of the Knights of perimeter defense and three-point capability will be further strengthened, to be returned Owen, the strongest knight is about to hit the road.