Assessment of FIFA 16 demo: Game setup and presentation

On Tuesday, EA Sports released the demo for FIFA 16. Nevertheless, determined by what I’ve noticed so far in the demos for FIFA 16 coins and PES 2016, EA will have to perform extremely challenging to help keep its footy crown as PES 2016 has created a massive step up, while FIFA 16 has plateaued compared to earlier versions.

In the FIFA 16 demo, you get to choose from Chelsea FC, Manchester City, Inter as well as a couple of others. The women’s teams integrated in the demo are USA and Germany.

EA Sports wastes no time acquiring you into a game. After the demo completed loading, I was instantly thrown into playing an El Clasico match amongst Barcelona and Genuine Madrid.

If you have played one particular FIFA coins game, you’ve played them all, so there have been extremely few tweaks that I needed to create to setup the game. Soon after playing the very first game, I instantly setup a second game with all the women’s team (more on that inside a moment) and saw a couple of in the choices to select from, which includes kits, stadiums and time of day. I was hoping to possess the selection to adjust the weather situation as this year’s game is supposed to consist of dynamic climate but that selection wasn’t offered. Nonetheless, the referee’s vanishing spray is offered. Also, the offside line has returned.

As usually with the game’s opening, Martin Tyler and Alan Smith offer the commentary and it was good to hear the duo get a bit far more in depth with a number of the players, but this has been one of EA Sport’s cornerstones, so enhancing the commentary was unsurprising. What I am concerned about is after the complete game becomes available, how extended will gamers play prior to we start hearing the same phrases over and over?