Army worth 150 times higher risk of out opponents not the first time such a shame

Shock! Shame! Tonight at Anfield, as many as 42,158 fans witnessed one of the ugliest games in the history of Liverpool, England B team to face Carlisle United, Rogers’s team actually broke lack technique, nearly 50-foot shot just scored 1 goal, Since Skrtel and Lovren’s defense again make mistakes, even within 120 minutes both sides 1-1 draw, if not the penalty shootout to play brave Bogdan saved three penalties, Liverpool finally winning really hard to say, although the final total score of 4-3 to qualify, but in such a way forward is more like a disgrace. Undoubtedly, once lost to Liverpool at Anfield Carlisle United, that would be one of the biggest joke in world football this year.

For Liverpool, the face of Carlisle United, there is no reason victorious, but also a victory in the Rogers team before the start, swept away to Manchester City 4-1 Sunderland, Chelsea 4-1 away win over Walsall Seoul, Arsenal in the North London derby 2-1 Tottenham, Manchester United 3-0 win over Ipswich, Southampton is 6-0 away bloodbath Championship club Milton Keynes & hellip; & hellip; look The results achieved in these teams, as the only able to get a fourth-level league club Liverpool, but also sits at Anfield, the outside world is expected Rogers team made a hearty victory to end the most recent continuous victorious, but ugly Liverpool for all disappointed. According to German media, "the transfer market" assessment, Carlisle United team worth only 1.54 million pounds, just starting lineup than Liverpool goalkeeper Bogdan’s worth above 140,000 pounds, the team’s most valuable players in this field competition debut, only 350,000 pounds, while Liverpool team value reached 2.3118 million pounds, sat Kudiniao most expen bench, reached 21 million pounds.

That is, the total value is worth 150 times Liverpool Carlisle United, the two sides played even inextricably, is the pride of Liverpool, shame, or Carlisle linked? Obviously, compared to other Premiership giants, such a result Liverpool lost face, shame shame. Penalty shoot-out at home by England B club really shocked, but compared with other giants, this is no longer the slightest giants Liverpool phase, over the past five or six seasons, only briefly erupted in the 2013/14 season, got the Premier League runner-up, both missed the rest of the time the top four, even once missed the European Cup, although the last few seasons of summer window into more than 100 million pounds, but that is based on the sale of Suarez and Sterling on the other players, continues to lose key players Liverpool every year in the reconstruction, so there is no continuous construction team, how can he compared with Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United, due to the vision nor the transfer market, the wave of another wave of players at Anfield just hurry passing. It is worth mentioning that the results of tonight’s game is not the worst in the history of Liverpool, almost five years ago, on the same day, September 22, 2010, Liverpool at Anfield against English club Northampton B, 120 minutes the two sides 2-2 draw, in a penalty shootout, was still under coach Roy Hodgson, the Red Army lost a total score of 4-6.