Argentina, learn from Italy!

Inter’s Mauro Icardi is disgusted with the Argentina national team because, unlike in Italy, they ‘only want to throw mud on me’.In spite of his consistent goal-scoring record, the 23-year-old only ever played once for the Albiceleste senior team, and then it was only for eight minutes.“I’ve been here for three years and people only talk of what I do on the pitch, and about my performances,’the striker told La Nacion. “People discussed my tryst, sure, but then that chapter was closed. In Argentina, instead, they only want to throw mud on me.“People talk about me here because of my goals, not because of my relationship with Wanda Nara.
Everyone here keeps asking me why I’m not playing for Argentina, everyone: my teammates, the directors, the journalists, even the cooks, they keep saying ‘Why don’t they call you up when you score so much?’ And I don’t know what to say.“In Argentina I’m not a goal-scorer, I’m just the guy who stole Wanda from his friend [Maxi Lopez]. But I didn’t do that. I was just his teammate, no less than I am with another 25 people every year. We had a meal together, that’s it. If he doesn’t take care of his wife and she decides to join me… this is what happens in Argentina, they always look for the worst things to say about you.”Regardless of Icardi’s personal trouble, (easy way to see fifa coins) there is undeniably a lot of competition in Argentina’s attacking department.“There are many excellent players, but only two who play in my role: Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero. The others, like Paulo Dybala, Ezequiel Lavezzi, and Angel Di Maria, are all second strikers.
We have the best attack in the world, I know that, and it’s unlikely we’ll see a group like this again.“The reasons I’m not being called up have nothing to do with my positioning. Only Coach Gerardo Martino knows them, and he too speaks only of my personal life. But I’m willing to sit down and have a chat with him. I’d like for Martino to give me some real explanations, not what comes to me through third parties.”Icardi also considered his future, as he could still make both the World Cups in Russia and in Qatar.“My job is to give it all with Inter. The national team would be an extra prize. Obviously I’d be happy if I got called up to Russia, as representing your country fills you with pride.
“And it’s sad to see Argentina go such a long time without winning. I was delighted when they made it into the World Cup and Copa America finals, and I kept telling myself: ‘I wish I were there, I wish I could help.“In Italy they really do value me. They win this match 100 to 0. They speak well of me and are only concerned with my sport performances.“In Argentina they have nothing good to say, for one thing because they don’t know me, and for another because they only like to highlight the mud.