49ers traded for Vikings linebacker Hodges

Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers in the first week of the season opponents, and now they completed a player deal. Vikings general manager
buy mut coins Rick – Spearman (Rick Spielman) announced that the team will linebacker Gerald – Hodges (Gerald Hodges) transactions to 49 people, in exchange for center Nick – Easton (Nick Easton) and a sixth-round draft pick. Hodges this season, starting in the Vikings first four games in the three games, completed 20 tackles, since the fourth round draft pick in 2013 he played 29 games since the middle of the Viking candidates.

Spielman said the team
buy mut coins like this year’s second-round pick Eric – Kendricks (Eric Kendricks) performance, so they decided to use linebacker position squad depth to reinforcing another location. Vikings starting center – John Sullivan (John Sullivan) currently being short-term injured reserve list, which let Joe – Berg (Joe Berger) starting the first four games of the season. In early September he was traded to the Baltimore Ravens to 49 people Easton let the Vikings have another option in the center position. Hodges is the Vikings starting middle linebacker, and now he has joined the Na Woluo – Bowman (Navorro Bowman), Michael – Will Holt (Michael Wilhoite), Sean – Pskov (Shayne Skov) and Nick – Bell Rohr (Nick Bellore) 49ers linebacker position.