“3D journey” the first test today 14:00 astonishing three minutes Secret tons of content

Giant Network annual strategic masterpiece “3D journey” will be officially opened today 14:00 fleeting prelude to the first test, this test is a limited number of small-scale test delete files, each player during a test 24 hours a day Play Experience . Meanwhile Legends game promotional video for the first time exposure to help out, the majority of players quickly demonstrated the distinctive features of this next generation of 3D national war games.

“3D journey” game promotional video Appreciation

In addition to the game content exposure, “3D journey” operations team also had the privilege to go to the well-known game commentary “tons of t” for the promotional video portrait by dubbing vocals. Tons t is the popular voice actors and popular game commentary, by virtue of their sharp commentary style sought after by the young players, and he often linked to mouth the words “may cause a ton of damage” became a smash hit buzzwords , but also to many players left a deep impression, and “tons of t” in the title is also resulting.

[Journey veteran big fight build-up back together again test the world]

“3D first test,” the first test of fleeting time announced soon after the game has been widespread concern insiders and players. Moreover, even some of the old faces years of disappearance have been “fried” out! These people is none other than a decade in the history of the “journey” powerful legend-class people. “The first” double V Spirit of Chu wind accompanied the “world first” total winner asked Tianyu, no wonder the older generation of the great God and reflection stream despotic leader of the Central Plains 00 Princess Anne and other …… face first 3D journey of products available, the journey of the old veteran players have lost by his excitement, living in different places they have sent a congratulatory message, and said it would fight a bloody battle in the “3D journey” together with the new and old players, once again challenge pinnacle place!