According to the former Spurs correspondent Aaron – to accompany Rennes in the Twitter on the news, the Spurs are and the sun, the Knicks plan a tripartite big deal, and trying to get the Knicks 21-year-old power forward Boer Jenis(click buy mt 2k18).

Today, NBA ace reporter Wo God revealed that the Knicks have begun to sell wave of God, and hope to get a first round of the first four picks.

Then, the former Spurs correspondent Aaron – to accompany Rennes forwarded the news of Wo God, and updated: “The Spurs to LaMarcus – Aldridge trading to the sun, the sun this year’s first round of the No. 4 draft pick To the Knicks, the Knicks sent Boer Jinkis to the Spurs.

If it is reached, this is undoubtedly the most heavy deal of the year. Earlier today, there was a Spurs’ news that the Spurs were selling Ade. Obviously, after two seasons, the Spurs do not think Ade can become a core member of the future, and wave of God’s talent and young is difficult to match.

In this tripartite transaction program, the three teams can be said to take what they need. As early as the summer of 2015 Adelaide became a free agent, the sun would like to get him, and then Ade also admitted that he is between the Spurs and the sun 2 election one. The young sun needs an Adelaide veteran leader, and the Knicks can get a first round of this year’s No. 4 pick. As for the Spurs, they will get a cornerstone of the more