Western Conference semifinals 4

Western Conference semifinals 4, the Warriors on the road to 121-95 victory over the Jazz, and 4-0 swept into the Western Conference finals. Warriors All-Star forward Kevin – Durant played 30 minutes, 14 of 14 shots, 3 points 4 in 2, get 18 points, plus 6 rebounds and 5 assists(click nba 2k17 mt coins).

On a game, Durant played this year’s playoff individual’s strongest performance. His audience 26 shots in 15, three-pointers 8 vote 4, get the audience the highest 38 points, plus 13 rebounds. Most importantly, the key to the fourth quarter, Durant again and again cold-blooded shooting hit the jazz fighting spirit.

This is why the Warriors were desperately recruiting Durant last summer because they needed such a terminator who could really solve the problem in the game, especially in the playoffs.

3-0 lead means that the Warriors have been identified into the Western Conference finals, and today after the start of the game, the Warriors played very easily, the first quarter to lead 22 points. Durant in the offensive end of the performance is still only able to use efficient to describe, he shot 4 in the first half 4, get 10 points.

However, since the beginning of the second quarter, the Jazz launched a counterattack, especially in the third quarter, the Jazz will be reduced to 6 points difference. When the Warriors were in a very passive situation, Durant stood again. This section left 7 minutes and 16 seconds, Durant hit third, to help the warriors to stabilize the situation. Followed by the Warriors hit fast break, Durant and then Green’s assists to complete an empty buckle buckle, scored 5 points.

At this point, the scene commentator gave Durant a nickname “silencer”, meaning Durant can always use the incredible performance of the away arena no sound.

Durant today received only 18 points (plus six rebounds and five assists), but his score in the important node of the game is very important for the warriors. Although the Warriors system is very good, but the powerful system can not be effective. Durant not only with the Warriors system seamless convergence, he can also be free from the Warriors outside the system and rely on super personal ability to solve the problem, this is the value of the Durant to the Warriors. However, after joining the Warriors KD goal is certainly not in the west, his opponent may only one person: James.click buy my nba 2k17 rp