League of legends PBE5.16 PTR quest the four heroes

Version 5.16 testing service on the first day, Dudley was released by fist Erskine, Galen,Mordechaii sub sikana changes plans, these heroes then had discussions with theplayer.


First of all, Meddler brings the hero and equipment renewal discussions posted:




Taking into account the testing service Forum attention, much lower than here, andwe intend to discuss the upcoming extensive changes in version 5.16. This versionchanges a lot more than the regular version, and some of the content seems prettystrange, at first a look too strong or weakened a little too much.


He went on to say:


Yes, of course I want to listen to the players for what those changes, but discussionwith you is my goal here.


Version set to launch so many changes as to why 5.16, Meddler says:


1. these changes are changes, complementary to each other. Mordechaii sub andGalen will they put a great deal of influence. Heroes and equipment changes toseparate launch means that we need more time to understand the interactionsbetween them.


2. in version 5.16 we intend to focus on for the global final version of balance andstability (there may be version 5.18). All changes in one patch, and then balance,compared three versions gradually introduced we will have more time to find theproblem, and don’t have to rush at the last minute because of an emergency situation.


3. We believe that fast to the global finals in the past, we were a bit too conservative.Global finals should use a stable version, this team can be more focused. Not thatgame for a long time that no change is stable. World Finals two months away now, it is good time to introduce changes, and as we have just said to optimize.


Why global finals approaches will change how big certain heroes, Pwyff said:


If I did not respond promptly, please do not mind. I sometimes look at the post and then went back to work. So let us say these things, I do not think that we will 100%the right, but at least we have a very good reason.


First of all, it is worth saying that what‘s that make up such a large number of changes.This is a subjective point of view, but I was curious from the perspective of significant,is that each version number change for professional players too much.


In any event, worthy of mention is the major Division playoffs in version 5.14, then thenext version (after 5.16) version will be used in the global finals. Professional players inthe playoffs and have some time to practice among the global finals.


In short, if we see a lot of discussion that many changes, professional teams areunable to adapt, so it was definitely a lesson for the future. Just wanted to leteveryone know what an excellent League of legends game need.


Players asked as the Dragon Lady and OLAF the warrior hero, whether there arechanges planned, Meddler says:


Apart from a few very rough brainstorm longnu and OLAF had not started for us tochange, partly because we wanted to see how the equipment related to thesechanges and the effects of those changes. Useful figure out what, if any, and what‘s not and what needs further support, what is too far.


On xiwana he went on to say:


Unable to provide details of the changes, we also started to discuss these issues. Wecertainly hope that the ability to keep her injury.


Meddler was also mentioned in the posts on yatuokesi, Mundo doctor, Mordechai Vanunu and s. Fitz‘s question:


Yatuokesi sure needs some changes, agree, surely he could do some interestingthings, but the General appears to be too general.


Mundo doctor strong resilience, as a the roles are poorly consumption ability, and thelower the value the better life, we think it‘s distinctive characteristics is very close tothat. He made some small changes in the future, but we feel that other heroes need to be modified.


We believe that Mordechai Vanunu is unique. He can move multiple targetspeed/attack speed increase, and foundation skills can provide a strong ability ofresource control, a support hero that can repeatedly reduces attack speed, and has astrong regional control.


Current views on s. Fitz is his reasonable, taking into account the sharks as well as ofthe eskills, in terms of gameplay is still relatively unique compared with otherassassins. May need him in favor of the law more/less meat when returns, but not sureabout this.


Meddler to explain the next villain effect:


The villain is global. Of course be enemies to get a lot of head, becomes a villain, buthe is not the most worthy goal, like you said, hammer stones, but we feel that this is not a problem. A villain in battle so that Galen has other options, I should go to thebig villain is higher value targets?


Villain in the fighting will not change suddenly change goals should not have you lied about. Is certainly possible, but it’s fairly common, the last villain was a Galleon is hard to touch the target. Where our goal is to make Galen close to this it is difficult toreach the goals, reap rewards. But this is not a good idea, Guerin would have moreskills to protect my teammates.


The Repertoir added:


Opposite the late villain is typically carry. The passive meaning is to Galen for those who have enough to close the enemy threat, whether he is a tank, an Assassin is astriker, and so on.


Players said the change may have been a little too much, he said:


If any feel really changed too much, we‘ll take care of it. Currently seen from the data,he is at least as strong in official servers, might be better.
Statikk subsequently referred to Dudley Erskine related questions:


Would like to say that I see some of the issues raised.


Eskills speed


Currently it is 90% for 0.75 seconds deceleration of, such a change is to make the E-Qmore stable.


Lack of killing indicator


We have deliberately avoided adding this content to this update, this is because ofdesign considerations. Lake Erskine design and balance compared to other heroes aremore dependent on the ultimate success.


Therefore, when we add it after the indicator, Dudley Erskine of play from the fun,adventure and just judgment into a reaction to interface elements, can get the fivekilled are no longer dependent on the player‘s proficiency.


Many times we want to heroes better stability, but Dudley Erskine, we believe that thelack of indicators allows us to retain certain aspects of his ability, at the same timemakes him more interesting in the long term.


Remove the passive speed


This is what we must deal with such heroes. These heroes move very slowly, but havea lot of other abilities as compensation.


This change is very important, especially Q physical damage skills, combined withblack who has considerable ability.


Q skills delays


And like bloodrage, Dudley Erskine is one of the most significant changes, we think itis necessary for his long-term health. We used during the melee and melee combatmore interesting and still doing well, but we are trying to solve this problem.


I know it may be very painful, but we had a very thorough change, feel they should beable to adapt. Has been delayed so that we can more power for Q (treated as lateinjury to upgrade), online or fight on without making it invincible.


Characteristics of slow on such heroes, Statikk says:


We‘ve been trying to design a hero (slow, meat, high damage). We seriously thoughtabout it originally wanted to design the kind of heroes, see where we do not, then do not adjust them all to the same heroic situations so that it can have a role in today‘sLeague of legends.


Clearly Galen and sikana belongs to the category of hero fast, and Dudley Erskine isthe other extreme. We certainly think Dudley Erskine May in other respects is strongerthan both.


He went on to say:


Yes, Dudley Erskine is the slow game more pure high tank damage Heroes. He doesnot have any means of mobile speed, and operations to a limited extent (although hisskills from other heroes might be a little).


The harvest of hope Dudley Erskine can be a powerful monster, this is another suchhero can’t do.


Lake Erskine around soldiers shiver, he said:


Haha that was one of my favorite changes, soldiers are so cute.


Players asked to decided to move the metal masters decided to double the road,Meddler says:


Currently in testing work with Assistant who has a strong control is the mosteffective, because the metal masters to take his skills. And dual relic shield also provedat least a viable option, but we‘re not sure whether this is the best choice.


Could this change of direction will make metal masters in very poor performance on asingle line, since much of his support comes from one‘s way. For players who like asingle metal master felt so bad, but we do believe that this is a correct direction ofchange, without him around the same time to ensure it is valid. We believe that thestrength of the metal master points may be covered up, even amplified.


If the metal masters appear in the road, so what kind of lineup more suited to him,Scarizard says:


The choice of other shooters on the line ( danxiweier or not), but you can also useazier or master card the towers/hero of great ability.


He went on to say:


We see lots of lineup without striker can be used (because the metal masters mayprovide a good battle of the soul towers), however there are many shooters can hitsingle, thus bringing more new lineup.


You may think this squad is very stupid, but when you see the metal master, auxiliary,playing wild with your soul away Tower Defense does not think so.


Speed dropped to 325,CertainlyT on metal Masters says:


At first when design is certainly not 325. In fact, I once cut his speed very hesitant butsaid feedback hard to escape from his killing. A major reason for this change is that asthe game progresses, masters of metal loading provides a lot of speed (installed inour test is Holy shield Ninja shoes → → bird of prey cloaks on three ice rod).


I think people will think when you previously used melee down the road feel, is towant to succeed must be able to get a head. Mordechaii sub growth and defensiveability can make it wait for the opportunity to fight with the opponent.


W only for team-mate on the metal master, CertainlyT said:


W use only friendly hero. If you are a single metal master of the road, then you haveto put up with the lack of a skill, unless his team-mates to help you gank.


Like other people have mentioned, we test the metal masters to play wild, single roadis still viable, but not down the road so well. I think this is not a problem, mainlytaking into account his good and bad aspects, I never thought that the metal masteris an excellent single heroes. In many cases performance largely depends on both sides of the line of his hero selection or field of intervention, rather than metalmasters and his opponent‘s relative ability.


Mordechaii subhow long to retain Dragon soul, Meddler says:


Now Dragon soul and soul of duration and the same. Influenced by metal levels ofbonuses is currently 45/60/75 seconds.


As regards the need to metal Masters final kill or kill dragons appeared in the vicinity,Scarizard said:


No, your teammates need to kill dragons. Masters of metal touch it can go, but ifyour opponent to take the Drake has no soul.


He then referred to the power of the Dragon soul:


This is part of the masters of metal, so he is unable to get before six souls. Dragonsoul is not particularly strong, not like eating eat Tower, but later may be a key factorin the game.
Why reduce his base movement speed, Repertoir says:


We don’t want him to forever wild hanging brush wild, but his early oppositionappears more than we can accept on line. In addition, his eskills are now a strongability to gank, can easily cause stun, so that made up for his loss of speed.


In addition, the weakening of the movement may not be necessary. We tested manyversions sikana, and he is still very strong, but the players care about us is completelyunderstandable. If needed, we can of course speed plus moves back. This change is not to change.


He went on to say:


Attention to this issue, of course, speed of 15 may not be the correct value, possibly5,20 or 0. I will continue to pay attention to.